Overhead Cranes

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are easy to use, versatile and come in the form of gantry cranes, tracked cranes and freestanding cranes

In a manufacturing environment, improvements in safety, productivity, and cost can be achieved by using overhead cranes to move loads around between workstations, reducing fork lift journeys and being able to lift heavy items over obstructions quickly and easily.  Many of our cranes are high capacity, handling heavy or awkward loads such as rail bogies.

There are many factors to determine the best crane design for the job, including building height limitations, positioning or space restrictions.  We have a dedicated lifting team, with the knowledge and experience to help you specify the right crane for the job.  Whatever industry you are in, from handling containers to machinery, glass to railway carriages, vehicles to roof trusses, we can solve your lifting and handling problems.

Below the hook, we can supply scissor grabs, vacuum lifters, chains and hoists, spreader beams and slings, shackles and everything else you might need to move your loads safely and efficiently.

We can design, supply & maintain the following types of Overhead Cranes:

  • Ceiling Mounted Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Factory Cranes
  • Overhead CranesGantry Cranes
  • Lightweight Cranes
  • Free Standing Cranes
  • Girder Cranes
  • Double Girder Cranes
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Rolling Beam Cranes
  • Runway Beam Crane
  • Underslung Cranes
  • Top Running Cranes
  • Free Standing Cranes
  • Travelling Cranes
  • Building Mounted Cranes
  • Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

It doesn’t end there.  Even if you have a crane already but need to maintain or upgrade, we can look at your options to improve what you have.  Whatever your situation. every project starts with a phone call or email and then a site survey to determine the lifting options and restrictions.  Make an enquiry about an Overhead Crane:

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